Technical review of script for Chimerica (Channel 4 thriller)

Jerome’s advice was completely invaluable to us, the knowledge, detail, insight and diligence he brought to the project was above and beyond what we expected and he was a pleasure to work with.

Lucy Kirkwood, screenwriter/playwright ‘Chimerica’

Technical review of script for Fearless (ITV drama series)

Jerome provided detailed feedback on all the key technological and security elements that formed a key part of ‘Fearless’. His analysis of the ideas that were already in the early drafts of the scripts was enormously useful in honing those concepts further, making them ‘real world’ but also his suggestions for new ideas really helped the story development around those areas. He is extremely knowledgeable about the reality of surveillance and security today, but also sensitive to the needs of the drama and was a very valuable resource to our show. I would not hesitate in recommending him to others. Not least because he will probably hack my laptop if I don’t.

Adrian Sturges, producer ‘Fearless’

Plot discussion for The Territory: Truth (young adult fiction)

Research for Territory 3 means I get to read lots of interesting stuff. Article on Stuxnet by the v talented @mrjeromesmith is fascinating!

Not only was Jerome able to clearly explain the technical side of hacking in a way that a non-specialist could easily understand, he also has an incredible grasp of plot and structure. What an amazing combination of skills! Jerome is a rare find, and without his input my book would have been considerably weaker.

Sarah Govett, author [1]

Screenplay notes (non-technical, comedy drama)

Outside of his technical expertise, Jerome is a brilliant creative in his own right. As well as being able to focus in on structural problems with scripts he has a wealth of ideas for possible solutions. This coupled with an egoless approach to notes means he is the ideal collaborator in a creative partnership.

Spencer Brown, screenwriter